I can’t believe it was nearly 4 months ago that I commited the last update for ls-watch. I would really like to continue developping, but my bachelor thesis needs attention too. But even if I had time for the watch, it wouldn’t be recognizable around here, because I’m trying to get the hang of my micro controller. The core part of the stopwatch will be this (in spite of the name tiny) ATmega8 chip. I’ve got a breadboard, some copper whire and an ISP, and now I’m growing more and more desperate trying to learn basic priciples of electrical engineering. Whether a working system will emerge or the whole cable fuss will be thrown out of the window, only time will tell.

Last piece of Information: My favorite pen and paper-RPG “Das schwarze Auge” (The Dark Eye) lacks in its newest version 4.1 a fully functional character generator. There are just really big xls sheets, which don’t work in OpenOffice or gnumeric, and this Java tool in which I can’t toy around with the stats besides the rules (i.e. to make my interim character a vampire). So I’ve started to write some python code, I’m excited to see where that leads to.

So long, Burger